Thursday, November 21, 2013

Payments for the month of October 2013

Dear Candidates,
We have released payments to all candidates who have successfully completed their tasks and submitted before the due date.

Payouts for Online Data Entry Jobs
Name Country Amount
Arno Martin France                                            $6589
Annick                                          France                                           $2,566
Nicholas Brocard France                                           $3,398
Alexander Freeman USA                                              $6,881
Anand                                           India                                              Rs. 45226
Srinivasan                                      India                                              Rs. 23265
Michael                                         China                                             $3,699
Jennifer Lawrence USA                                              $2,447
Rahul Sharma   India                                              Rs. 36681
Neha Nanda India                                              Rs. 26550
Sumesh Kumar   India                                              Rs. 33995
Suresh Kumar   India                                              Rs. 23566
Payouts for Offline Data Entry Jobs
Name Country Amount
Blessy                                           USA $2,361
Sheeba                                          India Rs. 36553
Dalisay                                          Philippines                                        $6,522
Jesusa                                           Philippines                                        $2,215
Bernard                                        UK                                                    $5547
Damien Mann France $3,288
Nanda Kumar     India                                                 Rs. 49566
Kushal                                         India                                                 Rs. 36922
Ajay Bannerjee India                                                 Rs. 21550
Subashini India                                                 Rs. 26800
Kaliraj India Rs. 41220
Liwliwa Philippines                                        $3,854
David USA $2,612
Dimitri Russia $4,103
Ravi Shankar India Rs. 35667
Payouts for Form Filling Jobs
Name Country Amount
Prateba India Rs. 65223
Shailesh Kumar India Rs. 33451
Ashok India Rs. 11562
Denis USA $5,521
Emeline France $3,011
Esther USA $2,144
Riza Philippines                                        $3,289
Rutchel Philippines                                        $2,148
Payouts for SMS Sending Jobs
Name Country Amount
Abdul India Rs. 23110
Vinod Kumar India Rs. 14256
Vinoth. S India Rs. 23660
Vinodh. K India Rs. 41006
Anand India Rs. 35518
Arindam Hazra India Rs. 28550
Ashok Kumar India Rs. 19210
Bhuvana India Rs. 26100
Deepak India Rs. 32015
Ganesh Kumar India Rs. 52110
Jackson India Rs. 10230
Gomathi India Rs. 15337
Giridhar Rao India Rs. 21006
Ramesh Yadav India Rs. 23301
Jagan India Rs. 13255
Krishnamoorthy India Rs. 28885
Mohd. Jameel India Rs. 42660
Jansi India Rs. 23455
Manivannan India Rs. 45009
Manimuthu India Rs. 17560
Payouts for Email Processing Jobs
Name Country Amount
Janhavi India Rs. 66320
Manju Kumar India Rs. 36550
Rubylyn Philippines                                        $3,550
Florence Jessy USA $2,633
Francis USA $4,110
Gabriel USA $2,006
Anna  China $3,850
Riley Hale UK $6,208
Joseph USA $1,560
Merlin USA $3,985
Mercy USA $2,618
Uma Maheswari India Rs. 36420
Meenakshi Sundaram India Rs. 15365
Nagarajan India Rs. 26880
Megala. M India Rs. 58360
Krishnan Kumar India Rs. 21361
Jerald USA $6,638
Gustave France $5,220
Malaya Philippines                                        $2,330
Gratein France $2,961
Payouts for Ad Posting Jobs
Name Country Amount
Guillaume France $4,482
Mithun India Rs. 28560
Mukesh India Rs. 41880
Nagaraj. AR India Rs. 21360
Narayanan India Rs. 10580
Jaishankar.S India Rs. 29361
Poornima India Rs. 17521
Puja India Rs. 21477
Diwata Philippines                                        $1,560

Candidates whose names are not given in the above list may contact us with their Candidate ID for knowing their payment status and issues.


  1. Dear Team,
    Thank you once again for offering me your online data entry jobs. I have received my payout for $3398 through Paypal today. I was expecting payout around $2000 only but you have given me more than my expectations. I can not express my happiness in words. Thanks once again and God Bless You.

  2. Dear Sirs,
    I have received Rs. 52110 from you via Net Banking for SMS Sending Jobs. It is a great amount for me. One can easily run their life just by doing your part time jobs. I do not even need to go for jobs. This is 20 times more than my last salary from you. Thank you very much sir.

    1. Helo sir,could you please provide me the detais about the job and how to register.

  3. Dear Sirs,
    My candidate id is CH-1245 and I have started doing your form filling works from the last month. But my name is not given in the above list of payments. Please let me know the reason behind it. Are you not satisfied with my job? I am very worried. Please tell me.

    1. Hello Anupama,
      This is Jenny from the QC & Payments team of We are fully satisfied with your works. We are aware that you are doing form filling jobs for our US based transport company. As you started doing jobs in the middle of the month, you didn't meet your required target. Hence we have carried forward your payout for the next month. Till now you have made Rs. 5620, which will be released together with your next payout.

    2. helo sir how to register with your company.Please provide me the details

  4. Sir,
    Mera naam Mukesh hai aur main aapke paas ad posting job kar raha hoon. Main aaj bahut khush hoon. Aapke account se mujhe aaj Rs. 41880 transfer hua hai. Maine kabhi socha bhi nahi tha ki main itna kamaunga. Aaj tho mera ghar me party hai sir. Main tho enjoy karunga is paise ko.

    1. helo mukhesh ! could you please tel me how to register with company .Please msg to

  5. மதிப்புக்குரிய சரிதம்.காம் தலைவர் அவர்களுக்கு,
    இன்று நான் உங்களிடம் இருந்து ருபாய் 36550 காசோலையாக பெற பெற்றேன். என் மகிழ்சிக்கு இன்று அளவே இல்லை. என்னை போன்ற ஒரு ஏழைக்கு வாய்ப்பு அளித்தற்கு மனம்மார்ந்த நன்றிகள். இறைவன் உங்களுக்கு வாழ்கையின் சகல சுகங்களையும் கொடுக்கட்டும்.

  6. Dear Sirs,
    Thank you for my payment of Rs. 45226. Thanks a lot...

  7. Nihao,
    Me Machael from Wuhan, China. Me got my money $3699 for online data entry job. Gr8 website 2 work. Thanks the management of

  8. Great to see my paypal account credited with $6881. Thanks a lot for your online data entry jobs. Amazing website and amazing payouts. I'm loving it. LOL

  9. Dear Team,
    I would like to convey my hearty thanks for my third payment for Rs. 17521. Your jobs are very very easy and the payments are more than I expected. should keep on going and allow us to work and earn nicely.

  10. Dear QC & Payment Team,
    I am Uma Maheshwari from Chennai, India. My candidate id is CH-1108 and I work email processing job with you. I have received my payment of Rs. 36420 through my HDFC net banking. But as per my calculation, I was supposed to get around Rs. 38000. How the amount was deducted?

    1. Dear Uma,
      Your gross payment is Rs. 38650 and as per taxation rules we have deducted Rs. 2230 from your account. We have already mailed you the complete payment chart before issuing your payment. You should have checked your mail before complaining here.
      - Jenny, QC & Payments (

    2. Dear Jenny,
      You do not need to solve issues over blog. Candidates having any issues in their payment should email the concerned department with their candidate id. Blog is not a place for solving your payment issues. Any such activities further will be handled strictly. Circulate the job rules once again to all existing and new candidates.
      We follow govt. rules strictly and we need to deduct such applicable taxes before disbursing payments to our candidates.
      - CEO (

  11. Diwata, PhilippinesNovember 24, 2013 at 6:58 PM

    Dear Team,
    I am glad to have my payout for $1560 for your ad posting job. Thank you very much for the payment.

  12. Merlin, North Carolina, USANovember 24, 2013 at 7:01 PM

    Thanks for your Email Processing Jobs. I have received my payout for $3985. Thanks once again for this lovely job.

  13. Respected sir,
    I am SRIREKHA FROM INDIA.I have registered with last week sir.I assure that I'll perform my job to utmost perfection and dedication.When I could get the work started sir?

  14. Dear Sirs,
    This is Janhavi from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Sorry for my delayed post. I have received my payment for Rs. 66320 for the email processing job. Thank you very much for this huge amount. I will always work nicely to satisfy the client.

  15. Namaste Sir,
    Mera naam Kushal hai. Main Bihar mein rehta hun. Thanks for the payment of Rs. 36922 for my offline data entry job. Bahut shukriya sir ji.

  16. Dear Team,
    Thank you for your Offline Data Entry Jobs. Got my payment of Rs. 49566 through Western Union. Your offline data entry job is really very easy and earning job. Thank you for your great support.

  17. Dear Sirs,
    Received payment for $2330. Thank you for the email processing job offered to me. Me and my family is very grateful to your company. Please accept my wishes to the team.

  18. Heartfelt thanks to charitham jobs for the payment received. Rs. 42660 is a huge money for forwarding sms. I would also like to apply for other jobs. Please accept me.

  19. hlw sir my name is ujjwal niraula and i am from nepal i have registered here and i have worked for before fr ad posting jobs and i can do it well . when can i start earning from here please help....

  20. Respected Team of Charitham,
    Thanks to your ad posting jobs. I have made $4482 this month. I have also found some more list of free classifieds. I can post more ads from the coming month. Thank you for offering me such a wonderful opportunity of earning.

  21. Sir,
    I want to thank you for your sms sending jobs. I forward messages sent by you to the recipients from my 2 mobile numbers. I forward around 200 msgs per month. I hardly takes me around 1 hour. For my one hour of work you have paid me Rs. 45009. I am surprised sir. Thank you very much.

  22. Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your payment of Rs. 58360 for your email processing job. I am very thankful to you for this amount of money. Thanks a lot.

  23. I received Rs.41006 for your sms sending job. Thank you team charitham.

    1. Dear Mr.Vinod
      Plz tell me about this wrk.i want to do this part time job.i shall be highly thankful for this kind action.plz reply me sortly.

  24. Many thanks for your email processing job. This month I made $3,850. Will work hard more.

  25. Dear Sirs,
    Thank you for the payment of Rs.29361. I have received through cheque yesterday.

  26. Received $5,220 for email processing jobs via paypal. Thank you very much for the same.

  27. Dear Charitham Team,
    I am very happy that I have been selected for job after completing the sample tasks given by you. You sample tasks were very easy and I hope the job will also be very easy. I promise that I will do the job with great care and dedication.

    1. Nazriya, when did you get your sample task after completing registration with this site.
      Please reply

  28. Thank you for choosing me. I have received the candidate profile and id through email for starting the job. I have also started doing the email processing job given by you. I assure you that I will complete the given job within the TAT.

  29. Dear New Candidates,
    We have started sending sample tasks to the new candidates who have registered for jobs. Those who have completed their sample tasks successfully and have received the actual job may start doing the job. All those candidates are required to complete the same before the deadline.
    For any queries, please email us quoting your candidate id for quick response. All the best.

  30. Got mail today for starting email processing job. Thank you very much sir. I am expecting your support always.

    1. hii frnd..when yu registerd to jobs and when yu got reply from chaaritham works can yu pls provide details

    2. I applied before one month. They sent me sample tasks today. I completed it successfully and they offered me email processing job today along with instructions, candidate id and member login area details.

    3. hmm thank yuu frnf..its almost one month i registerd with them but noo reply frm themm........

  31. Thank you for offering me offline data entry project. I have started doing it.

  32. Dear New Candidates,
    Please stop commenting and thanking us. Show your dedication and effort in the alloted jobs. You can praise or curse us after getting your first payout. LOL.

  33. Thanks, thanks and thousands of thanks for providing me ad posting jobs. I am very grateful to the team.

    1. helo could you please tel me the details abou this job and how to register.Please send me details to my mail

  34. Though you have asked to stop thanking you here, please allow me to show my feelings of happiness here. I convey my heartfelt thanks to the team for offering me online data entry jobs. I will work hard and complete the job within the given time.

    1. helo could you please tel me details of this job.How to register with dis company.Please mail to my

  35. Received Captcha Typing Job details. Thank you boss.

  36. Very thank for the form filling job. I receievd the client login area detail of job. I completed 3 form now. thanks thanks

  37. I got SMS Sending Job from you. Thank you very much for it. SMS sending work is going on good now.

  38. I convey my thanks and best wishes to the team for offering me email processing job. I will start doing the works by today. Please do let me know if I make any mistakes in works and I request you to correct the same and guide me. Thanks in advance.

  39. Thank you for offering me online data entry jobs. Will do the job properly to your entire satisfaction.

  40. Dear Sirs,
    I have received job details for email processing job. Thank you very much for the same.

  41. Sir i have not received any confirmation or any reply from your side... waiting for your reply...thank you

    1. same frnd..i mailed them one month ago but no reply from thier side..when yu mailed them..

  42. Dear Sirs,
    I have received your mail on Nov 30 for starting the email processing job but extremely sorry I checked my mail now only. Please let me know If i can start the job now or not? Please reply soon. Pls Pls

  43. Dear Jayesh,
    Your candidate ID is still active. You can start processing the emails that we sent. But do remember to complete the jobs before the due date mentioned in the Candidate Access Area of your login.

  44. Dear Sirs,
    Waiting for your valuable reply...Not yet got any reply from you sir..

  45. dear ...... please give your reply id is ..please reply sir

  46. how to register with charitham company.Please provide me details.And der is no contact no to talk also

    1. This website is total fake.. as you have replied on many of the posts but they do not reply in back.

  47. sir, almost one month before i registered with you and still waiting for my turn. when you will consider me for job please reply me. i am eagerly waiting for job which support my family.
    thanks and regards.