Saturday, December 14, 2013

Payments for the month of November 2013

Dear Candidates,
We have released payments to all candidates who have successfully completed their tasks and submitted before the due date.

Payouts for Online Data Entry Jobs
Name Country Amount
Aiswarya India Rs. 53210
Arno Martin France $5,844
Vadivel India Rs. 11280
Annick France $3,620
Nicholas Brocard France $2,006
Alexander Freeman USA $3,104
Jothi. N India Rs. 36250
Anand India Rs. 33250
Srinivasan India Rs. 23558
Geeta Devi India Rs. 42005
Gopika. S India Rs. 30155
Michael China $2,560
Shanti Krishnan India Rs. 42003
Jennifer Lawrence USA $2,355
Ananthi India Rs. 35023
Rahul Sharma  India Rs. 28950
Neha Nanda India Rs. 38426
Sumesh Kumar India Rs. 23980
Suresh Kumar India Rs. 41288
Payouts for Offline Data Entry Jobs
Name Country Amount
Blessy USA $1,288
Megha Rani India Rs. 29530
Sheeba India Rs. 18962
Dalisay  Philippines $1,563
Jesusa Philippines $2,044
Bernard  UK $2,993
Damien Mann France $1,081
Nanda Kumar India Rs. 22770
Kushal  India Rs. 16988
Ajay Bannerjee India Rs. 29552
Subashini India Rs. 46883
Kaliraj India Rs. 33210
Liwliwa Philippines $1,032
David USA $580
Dimitri Russia $1,063
Ravi Shankar India Rs. 36214
Payouts for Form Filling Jobs
Name Country Amount
Prateba India Rs. 33620
Shailesh Kumar India Rs. 21039
Ashok India Rs. 32519
Denis USA $985
Keshav Yadav India Rs. 56220
Emeline France $855
Ankit Yadav India Rs. 36440
Esther USA $1,563
Vijayalakshmi. A India Rs. 78952
Riza Philippines $2,080
Murugesan India Rs. 39550
Soly Cherian India Rs. 45988
Rutchel Philippines $1,095
Payouts for SMS Sending Jobs
Name Country Amount
Abdul India Rs. 10896
Vinod Kumar India Rs. 21088
Vinoth. S India Rs. 32019
Vinodh. K India Rs. 9800
Anand India Rs. 65218
Arindam Hazra India Rs. 23622
Ashok Kumar India Rs. 14853
Zainab India Rs. 23450
Bhuvana India Rs. 23662
Deepak India Rs. 15399
Pritam Nanda India Rs. 35990
Abdul Gaffur India Rs. 35223
Ganesh Kumar India Rs. 10822
Jackson India Rs. 9560
Gomathi India Rs. 23599
Giridhar Rao India Rs. 12985
Ramesh Yadav India Rs. 23448
Mahender Singh India Rs. 23488
Jagan India Rs. 13550
Krishnamoorthy India Rs. 23990
Mohd. Jameel India Rs. 14935
John Singh Aswal India Rs. 41220
Jansi India Rs. 12360
Manivannan India Rs. 19850
Manimuthu India Rs. 20530
Payouts for Email Processing Jobs
Name Country Amount
Nazriya India Rs. 42336
Janhavi India Rs. 23699
Manju Kumar India Rs. 78920
Rubylyn Philippines $2,366
Florence Jessy USA $1,292
Sagar India Rs. 23600
Francis USA $953
Sundersan India Rs. 65220
Gabriel USA $2,360
Jayesh Joshi India Rs. 25034
Anna  China $1,298
Jaison Mathew  India Rs. 33650
Riley Hale UK $2,308
Joseph USA $943
Merlin USA $1,891
Srikanth India Rs. 23015
Mercy USA $463
Karthick India Rs. 29877
Uma Maheswari India Rs. 49663
Meenakshi Sundaram India Rs. 23967
Nagarajan India Rs. 29964
Megala. M India Rs. 99460
Krishnan Kumar India Rs. 10900
Jerald USA $960
Meenaksi. M India Rs. 63955
Gustave France $495
Malaya Philippines $230
Gratein France $1,266
Payouts for Ad Posting Jobs
Name Country Amount
Vishal India Rs. 36920
Guillaume France $5,963
Mithun India Rs. 23966
Mukesh India Rs. 45680
Nagaraj. AR India Rs. 23946
Narayanan India Rs. 23881
Jaishankar.S India Rs. 36945
Poornima India Rs. 18963
Puja India Rs. 22159
Diwata Philippines $2,360
Santhana Kumar India Rs. 69522
Janani. V India Rs. 56394
Joseph Fernandes USA $3,950
Mercy Christ USA $6,311
Kevin Howard USA $2,622
Dhanalaxmi. AG India Rs. 35933
Payouts for Captcha Typing Jobs
Name Country Amount
Sunil Kumar India Rs. 15900
Francis Xavier USA $2,300
Christopher USA $3,055
Nilesh Joshi India Rs. 10560
Subash India Rs. 36500
Nikitha India Rs. 15630
Jasmin India Rs. 29651
Grace UK $3,266
Juliet USA $1,560
Anna Li China $2,398
Vanthana India Rs. 15688
Soniya India Rs. 35942
Vishnu India Rs. 41269
Shiva India Rs. 23601
Vignesh. K India Rs. 14503
Mohit Kumar India Rs. 32019


  1. Respected sir,
    May GOD bless you for this wonderful and genuine job opportunities that you're providing for people all over the world.I am Srirekha from India sir. I've registered on 18.11.13 sir.I assure that I'll perform my job to your utmost satisfaction whenever my turn comes.I'm waiting for your valuable response.Thank you sir.

  2. Hello Admin!

    I'm Rossete Tamang ( from the Philippines but recently residing here in Nepal. I have registered last. Dec.4, 2013. I hope I will be given an opportunity to be a part of Charitham community. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you. Merry Christmas!

  3. Dear Charitham Team,
    I would like to thank you once again for the payment received for your online data entry project. I have received my $2355 through Paypal yesterday. Thank you very much.

    1. could you please tel me how to register with this job?provide me details at

  4. Got Rs. 41269/- through money transfer today for Captcha Typing Jobs. Thank you very much Sirs.

  5. Dear Sirs,
    I have received Rs. 36920 for the ad posting project works. I thank you very much for offering me part time job.

  6. Many thanks to Charitham Free Jobs for offering me SMS Sending Jobs. I received my payout for Rs. 65218 for the same. I continuously receive payments from you at proper time and I will always work properly sir.

  7. Dear Team,
    I received my payment for Rs.42003 for the online data entry job in the Transport CMS Project-II. I thank you very much at this time sir.

    1. Shanti Krishnan,
      Please do not disclose the client or project details over blogs here or any where. This may result in the cancellation of your candidature. Treat this as a first and final warning. This is applicable to all our candidates.
      Christ - Support & Technical Officer,

    2. I am extremely sorry Christ. I will never disclose such details any more. Very sorry for my mistake.

    3. Dear Shanti,
      I guess you are new to Charitham. Have you read the agreement copy and candidate disclosure agreement sent by them? Read it once again. We should feel happy that we have got such a wonderful earning opportunity and we should respect their privacy details. I am very happy to be a part of this golden team and I do not want to miss it. Please do not disclose project and client details or any other privacy of anywhere. This is a request from all the candidates of Charitham Free Jobs.

    4. Thank you for commenting Jennifer. We candidates should feel proud and happy to have such an unlimited earning opportunity. We should respect Charitham always for this act of kindness.

    5. Well said Anand. I am Nazriya from India. I am a newly appointed candidate for for their email processing job. I have received my first payment for Rs. 42336. I am very thank to them.

    6. Dear sir,
      What is your toll free number sir???????

    7. helo could you please tel me how to register with this job? and give me the details to

  8. I convey my heartfelt thanks to your esteemed company for offering me email processing jobs. I received my payment Rs.49663. Thank you Team Charitham. Live Long The Management of

  9. Abdul Gaffur, OngoleDecember 21, 2013 at 7:55 PM

    Thanks for Rs.35223 received via money transfer today for the SMS Sending Job. Very thanks Charitham.

  10. Rs.33250 payment received via Western Union for the Online Data Entry Project. Please accept my heartfelt thanks to the Management, Jenny - QC Team, Christ - Support Team and every one of

    1. could you please provide me details about this job at

  11. Many thanks for offline pdf to word converting project. Received Rs. 46883 for the same. God Bless Charitham. It is my prayer that you should keep on continuing offering us these types of free part time jobs.

    1. madam muze job ki jarurat hai plz help me

  12. I received Rs. 23600 for the email sending/forwarding job. I was happy when I was selected for the job but I was more happy when I received message from my ICICI Bank that Rs.23600 was deposited from Charitham. Many more thanks to you people.

  13. மிக்க நன்றி. ருபாய் 63955 வர பெற்றேன். உங்களது ஈமெயில் ப்ரோசெச்சிங் வேலை மிகவும் ஈசியாக இருக்கிறது. நன்றி அய்யா.

  14. Jayesh Joshi, GujaratDecember 21, 2013 at 8:13 PM

    I want to thank you sir. Mujhe Rs. 25034 transfer hua hai email processing job ke liye. Bahut bahut shukriya team.

  15. Dear Candidates,
    We apologize the delay of 2 days in disbursing payments to you. We hope everyone should have received the payments now. Those candidates who have not received their payments yet may contact me directly at my mail id or can call the toll free number during our working hours. Thank you. Cheers...
    Jenny - QC & Payments Executive, Charitham

    1. sir i have registered on your site and email to you please send the detail on my email id because i want to do this work of offline typing jobs

  16. Thank you for the online data entry project. Received Rs. 36250 today.

  17. Rs. 78920 received through money transfer to my SBI account. Thank you very much.

  18. I convey my wishes and thanks to charitham free online jobs. I hav rcved Rs.45680 for advertsement post job project. Very easi job u offer to us. thank u sirji.

  19. Rs. 35990 for sms sending job. Yeh to mere liye ek bahut bada amount hai. Bahut dhanyavad ko.

  20. Let me convey my thanks to the team of Charitham and its management for the payout received. I have received Rs. 65220 today through third party transfer to my HDFC bank account. All the best and very thanks to Charitham.....

  21. Hi Charitham Team,
    I have received $ 2006 for the online data entry project offered by you. Thank you very much. Great website to earn huge money online. rockssss.

  22. Hi,
    Money received Rs. 99460 for email processing. Really very huge amount I earned in a single month. I dont even need to go for any job any more. Thanks to Charitham. I love it..

    1. helo could you please provide me details at

    2. yaarrr...dnt askk each and every one,,,,,,,no one will reply to yuu......i fed up with themm .....i waited more than 2months...but no reply from themm..better try for another one which is real paying one..not like

  23. Dear,
    Rs. 69522 received for ad posting project today via money order today. Many thanks to you. God Bless You Charitham.

  24. Dear Charitham Free Jobs,
    I have received $3,055 for captcha typing. I wish you all the best and thank you very much for the job offered.

  25. Hi,
    Received $2,300 for Captcha Typing Project. Thanks a lot charitham free jobs team.

  26. Many thanks for your Captcha Typing Job. I have received $1,560 through Paypal today. I am also interested in applying for other part time jobs. Will apply separately for those jobs soon.

  27. Hi
    I acknowledge the receipt of $3,950 for ad posting jobs thru paypal today. Thank you very much.

  28. Hi Team of Charitham,
    I convey my thanks for the payout of $1,891 for email processing job. Thanks a lot.

  29. Hi,
    This is Aiswarya from Kakinada. I have received Rs. 53210 for your online data entry project. I thank you very much for the payment. Your jobs are really very easy to work and earn.

    1. helo aishwarya could you please provide me details about this job at

  30. Received Rs. 42005 through money transfer to my bank account. Thank you very much charitham team.

  31. Dear Sirs,
    I want to thank you for the payout received for $5,844. Thanks a lot.

  32. I am Amol from India sir. I have registered on 22.12.3013 I assure that I will give my best to my job to Achieve your goal. I am waiting for your valuable response.Thank you sir.

  33. Good Evening Charitham Team,
    Let me take a chance to wish the management and staff of for their kind support extended in getting job as well as a laptop with internet connection. I am still wondering how your team members had faith on this poor girl and handed over a laptop to work with. And now I have made Rs. 33620 for the form filling work provided by you. I want to give the laptop back to you now. I can buy a system now and work for you. Please post this comment so that everyone can know the kind support and helps provided by you.

    1. hello mam,could you please tel me how to register with this job.Im in need of job urgently.

  34. Dear Prateba,
    Thank you for your valuable post.
    When a candidate registers with us for a job, we do not easily give them a job in a moments time. We used to analyze the talents and dedication of the candidate towards his/her job. You were being analyzed by our Job Committee Members secretly and as per their results & comments, Laptop was presented by our India CEO. This is a gift to you Prateba. You can keep it always with you.
    Though Charitham Free Jobs was started mainly for the poor peoples around the world, but now we have started giving jobs to all the candidates who are dedicated towards their work and can complete before the due date.

    1. I have registerd with you.. i will be fully dedicated towards my work i can assure u that..Please start my work registered on 16th jan 14.I am the needful person.



  37. I know only where I earned Rs. 53210 this month. This site alone is enough for me and others who earn nicely every month.

    1. how you earned from this site please send information on email.

  38. Hello Charitham Team,
    I have applied on 5th december. I am waiting for my turn to get work from this great website. Please have some attention sir/madam on new members too. Thank you. Merry Christmas to All of you. God bless you.

  39. Hello,
    I have registered for charitham on 25-12-2013 and my mail id is : I am willing to work sincerely for the online and offline data entry jobs. I hope I will be given a chance as I am genuinely in need of money. Thank you.

  40. Hello
    i have registered for charitham on 25-12-2013..iam an unemployed person..i will work hardly and sincerely..iam waiting for my mail id is hope you will give me job as soon as possible.
    Thank You

  41. Wish You A Very Happy New Year To Charitham Team & All Its Members.

  42. my name is sanjay pandey i have a computer i am interested offline jobs please send detail of my email id

  43. hi charitham team

    few days ago i registered with you and waiting for my turn to earn some money by hard work and with accuracy. your blog really inspire me to wait until my turn come.

    1. hai dude. i need details actually i fill up the registration form over 10 days yet i didnt get any response please give the informationc how to join. please contact me to this no. 9741737148

  44. hai, dear charitham team members i registered over 10days ago for sms sending job and e mail processing job yet i didnt get any response please make it to me to do this job as soon as possible i have much more necessity to do this job please contact me to this e mail

  45. sir i have registered in ur site 1 month ago not got conformation link...please help me sir i have work on before and i can do this work i dnt work for oz....please reply once...

  46. Sir,
    I registered with your site 20 day ago not got conformation link.
    I need this link plz help me. I need this work.
    e-mail id is

  47. sir,
    I registered with your site 2 months back but till now i didnt got any confirmation mail from yuu...pls look at us also....i hope yu can understand sir .....waiting for yur confirmation from 2 yur reply this new year may bring happy in my life....

  48. Sir i have registered on 16th jan 2014 plz start my job. i am very needful for this job.i assure youbi will work hard. my email id :

  49. Sir, I registered with your site in few days ago, but not got confirmation link.plz help me.i need this work.

  50. I will give you 99% accuracy in offline data entry. SANDEEP NISHAD

  51. Hello Friend
    My name is Suhail, I have registered myself with for SMS sendind job on 27-Jan-14. Can U Plz tell me after how many days i will get the work. And one more thing how they came to know how many SMS have sent by by a member.Plz give me the full details on my email address:

  52. Dear charitham team, when you Will consider to provide an opportunity for newly registered person like me. Almost 2 months I am waiting for your consideration. No one is responding in the blog, for job required people. So, we are passing the days by thinking soon we would be consider. I request God has to show our critical situation to you, so that you may consider. I really helped some people previously, but unfortunately I am badly in need of job due to my poor financial circumstances. So, I am counting my days to get an opportunity. Also, I have very good experience in backend process esp. In BFSI. my email id

  53. Dear charitham team,sir sorry to disturb you. i am Harikrishnan from india,last week i see an advertising website on your website.( i will registred in this company by paying 500rs.but sir there is no reply after this.sir i need a reply in this comment about this you are responsible or not in this website.kindly reply in this mail id or in this blog

  54. Hi Charitham Team!
    I am really glad to finally found a legitimate site. I have been searching for an online job for a couple of year now but always end up scammed. I am hoping that I too be given a chance to be part of your community. I just applied on december and will be patiently waiting for your contact. Thank you. God bless