Friday, March 7, 2014

Payments for the Month of December 2013

Payouts for Online Data Entry Jobs
Name Country Amount
Aiswarya India Rs. 42355
Arno Martin France $3,256
Vadivel India Rs. 10221
Annick France $4,523
Nicholas Brocard France $1,589
Alexander Freeman USA $4,125
Jothi. N India Rs. 45698
Anand India Rs. 30369
Srinivasan India Rs. 28950
Geeta Devi India Rs. 35692
Gopika. S India Rs. 23652
Michael China $1,850
Shanti Krishnan India Rs. 32650
Jennifer Lawrence USA $2,895
Ananthi India Rs. 38952
Rahul Sharma  India Rs. 24589
Neha Nanda India Rs. 35680
Sumesh Kumar India Rs. 25360
Suresh Kumar India Rs. 48560
Payouts for Offline Data Entry Jobs
Name Country Amount
Blessy USA $1,580
Megha Rani India Rs. 22365
Sheeba India Rs. 25690
Dalisay  Philippines $1,862
Jesusa Philippines $2,856
Bernard  UK $2,223
Damien Mann France $1,230
Nanda Kumar India Rs. 29580
Kushal  India Rs. 17860
Ajay Bannerjee India Rs. 35850
Subashini India Rs. 43650
Kaliraj India Rs. 15650
Liwliwa Philippines $1,890
David USA $890
Dimitri Russia $2,065
Ravi Shankar India Rs. 38966
Payouts for Form Filling Jobs
Name Country Amount
Prateba India Rs. 38963
Shailesh Kumar India Rs. 28964
Ashok India Rs. 36598
Denis USA $1,560
Keshav Yadav India Rs. 35684
Emeline France $2,045
Ankit Yadav India Rs. 19563
Esther USA $2,036
Vijayalakshmi. A India Rs. 78840
Riza Philippines $2,580
Murugesan India Rs. 33250
Soly Cherian India Rs. 41025
Rutchel Philippines $1,980
Payouts for SMS Sending Jobs
Name Country Amount
Abdul India Rs. 12356
Vinod Kumar India Rs. 14560
Vinoth. S India Rs. 30214
Vinodh. K India Rs. 10250
Anand India Rs. 48950
Arindam Hazra India Rs. 10260
Ashok Kumar India Rs. 18953
Zainab India Rs. 22450
Bhuvana India Rs. 22540
Deepak India Rs. 18470
Pritam Nanda India Rs. 33256
Abdul Gaffur India Rs. 32250
Ganesh Kumar India Rs. 9820
Jackson India Rs. 10560
Gomathi India Rs. 28956
Giridhar Rao India Rs. 18950
Ramesh Yadav India Rs. 10562
Mahender Singh India Rs. 28953
Jagan India Rs. 14870
Krishnamoorthy India Rs. 18956
Mohd. Jameel India Rs. 18540
John Singh Aswal India Rs. 19650
Jansi India Rs. 12890
Manivannan India Rs. 17820
Manimuthu India Rs. 20980
Payouts for Email Processing Jobs
Name Country Amount
Nazriya India Rs. 45620
Janhavi India Rs. 27890
Manju Kumar India Rs. 58920
Rubylyn Philippines $1,295
Florence Jessy USA $1,580
Sagar India Rs. 24890
Francis USA $502
Sundersan India Rs. 48962
Gabriel USA $2,896
Jayesh Joshi India Rs. 25099
Anna  China $1,397
Jaison Mathew  India Rs. 38947
Riley Hale UK $2,892
Joseph USA $1,256
Merlin USA $1,201
Srikanth India Rs. 38963
Mercy USA $1,069
Karthick India Rs. 39642
Uma Maheswari India Rs. 12654
Meenakshi Sundaram India Rs. 29863
Nagarajan India Rs. 23256
Megala. M India Rs. 99862
Krishnan Kumar India Rs. 10860
Jerald USA $1,650
Meenaksi. M India Rs. 23659
Gustave France $2,013
Malaya Philippines $986
Gratein France $1,865
Payouts for Ad Posting Jobs
Name Country Amount
Vishal India Rs. 23594
Guillaume France $2,365
Mithun India Rs. 23265
Mukesh India Rs. 40215
Nagaraj. AR India Rs. 15630
Narayanan India Rs. 23230
Jaishankar.S India Rs. 8950
Poornima India Rs. 13652
Puja India Rs. 21598
Diwata Philippines $2,032
Santhana Kumar India Rs. 89652
Janani. V India Rs. 51548
Joseph Fernandes USA $2,039
Mercy Christ USA $5,495
Kevin Howard USA $1,236
Dhanalaxmi. AG India Rs. 29850
Payouts for Captcha Typing Jobs
Name Country Amount
Sunil Kumar India Rs. 26590
Francis Xavier USA $2,963
Christopher USA $3,226
Nilesh Joshi India Rs. 18950
Subash India Rs. 26590
Nikitha India Rs. 18569
Jasmin India Rs. 12580
Grace UK $3,026
Juliet USA $850
Anna Li China $1,260
Vanthana India Rs. 12365
Soniya India Rs. 20560
Vishnu India Rs. 10265
Shiva India Rs. 10950
Vignesh. K India Rs. 8903
Mohit Kumar India Rs. 4650


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